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Multi-camera productions



Bringing the power of the TV studio to you

Advances in technology means any organisation can now broadcast live streaming video and on demand video to their audience all over the world.


From a simple one camera production to many we can flex and scale to capture your event of any size so your audience of any size and in any country can feel part of your show.


There is no better way to catch your audience’s attention than a presenter lead, multi-camera, dynamic and engaging live production.


All our live streaming services are high definition, portable, scalable, feature rich and affordable.  Many of our clients utilise this technology on a regular basis to keep their employees and clients


informed, entertained and most importantly fully included in decisions, announcements and new thinking. We bring the audience into the room and make them feel part of the event. They miss nothing.

Well before your event we like to test the venues internet connection and our technology with your web site infrastructure and devices to iron out any technical issues and we provide backup cellular internet connections on the day as a matter of course to ensure your event goes with out a hitch even if the venues internet stops working.

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