FanaticFilms offer scaleable services. From a one man film crew to a full feature film production team. We can flex and scale to meet the needs of your production. We travel all over the world to provide our clients service where and when they need it.

We use the latest equipment and techniques and film in 4K as standard.  As the world moves forward, so do we.

Personal cinematic films

Increasingly we are asked by the very wealthy, celebrities and those in the public eye to film and take still images for them. This could be family related like vacations, weddings and gatherings or business interests.  These clients have a unique concern that focuses around protection of their personal brand or the content of sensitive corporate messages.


A huge worry can be that footage gets leaked online or to the press. These clients are looking for trusted partners who understand their concerns and can ensure this doesn't happen and they stay in control of all the media, video and stills throughout the entire project.

We go to great lengths for these clients to keep their what, where and who with secret, their media encrypted and away from prying eyes.

Contact David directly to discuss your needs.

Corporate films

In this digital world companies must have film media in their tool set. Training, Marketing, Information, Social media, Mobile devices are all areas that film can help companies engage, inform and educate their audience with.

We have always worked with clients large and small to bring their film making needs to life at sensible prices.


Some clients know what they want, others trust us to concept up and idea. Either way we always bring feature film level production to you.


On location or studio based it's all the same thought process, get the story right for your chosen audience, then bring in the right people and tools to bring it to life.

Live Streaming-Web Cast

The world is a big place but technology is definitely making it seem smaller.


Live streaming of events and meetings is an excellent way to reach your global audience.


We have a very flexible system that is tried and tested over several years that can broadcast high definition TV quality to where you need it.


From planning, testing, web site building and then the production, recording and post event editing we can provide you the whole service.


Technology and the internet is the great leveller for companies, no matter what your budget you can now broadcast your message and be truly global.

Interested in hiring us for your project? Let's Talk. 01604 245551

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