Feature Film Production

FanaticFilms produce narrative films. Low budget with a high

production feel is what we do best.

Our multi-skilled team produce 4K, cinema ready films

that sophisticated audiences want to watch.

Our attention to budgets and our creative thinking

to get the most 'bang for our buck' on the screen

puts us in a great position to continue producing

films that are getting noticed.


In house we provide much of the skill set required to

make demanding films.  We write, finance, produce,

direct, film, edit and provide capable post production

visual effects on all our projects. We have

connections to specialists in all areas of a films

production which allows us to flex and scale

personnel as the project requires.

Over the years we have built up a pool of talented actors who

have appeared in numerous television and film productions.

  • A recently completed feature film thriller/drama staring
    Lisa Ronaghan (Humans), Bryan Larkin (London Has Fallen),
    Pablo Raybould (Me Before You), Magda Rodriguez (The Fast And The Furious)
    Is being distributed world wide by California based Multivisionnaire Pictures.

  • Our ambitious Sci-Fi film script ‘Enceladus’ is currently being pitched to
    Hollywood studios with the hope to secure a sale and feedback so far has
    been very positive.

We are confident doors will continue to open as we make more films.

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