We are Fanatic about Films.

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We provide our premium clients from the corporate, high net worth and celebrity world video production services of all types but with the added focus on their concerns about absolute privacy, discretion and video/ stills data security.                    Click here to find out more


Our experienced team have years of experience filming, editing, live streaming, taking still images, flying drones, using green screens, making targeted social media content and more.

We are our clients personal all round film making team.

From London to Cannes, San Francisco to St Petersberg we have worked with clients sensitive about their video and still image data ending up leaked online or in the wrong hands.

If you need to partner with a trusted creative company who understands your concerns and who can take measures to protect what matters to you....
                                                    Please get in touch with us.

Since 2005 we have produced all types of films for all types of clients.
We love film making, it's all we do.

We are our premium clients personal filmmakers but for them Privacy & Protection comes first.

  • We never mention who our past and current premium clients are.

  • You definitely can’t see any of the video footage or still images we have made for them.

  • We work under NDA's and contracts or simply a gentlemen's agreement.

  • We scale and flex our services to meet all our client needs

Creativity, Experience a Premium Service

We use the latest film making equipment and we are experienced in all aspects of modern film making. We make our own feature length films and have been involved in TV projects from programming to advertising.

We travel the world for our clients and we are on call 24/7 for all of them.

The latest Technology

We use encrypted and physical pass code protection on all our IT.
We can edit on site. We can work fully offline.
We can give you the hard disks afterwards or properly format them clean once we are finished.

Whatever is needed  to give you piece of mind and the video content you need.

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